Friday, October 7, 2016

Need some Halloween decorating ideas that are easy, cheap and unique?

I love Halloween!!  Love it!  The best part is decorating the yard so it spooks everyone out.  That can get really expensive really quick. about making some great decorations on the cheap?

It should also be said that I am not an artist type.  I can't sew, I can't draw, I can't paint a picture.  So these ideas are perfect for me.  They look really creative and artsy but I don't have to have talent to do any of them......I like.

Let's look at some!

Who's not afraid of a giant pumpkin spider????

Oh no!!!!  They're having a ghost meeting on my front lawn!!!!  
Seriously, stick some brook sticks in the ground, glue some felt on a sheet and then drape the sheet over the broomstick.  Done.

Now I have dancing ghosts??
For this one, do the same as the previous one.  Only this time, staple their "hands" together and tie some string to give them waists and necks.

With all those ghosts there has to be a cemetery near by
I prefer to use blocks of Styrofoam for this project but you can use 
cardboard, plywood, or anything else that you can stick in the ground.  I paint mine and 
then hammer a few paint stirs in the ground in front and in back to keep these from falling over.

I think this one is really self explanatory

I need to bury this guy!
This is a cheap plastic skeleton, an old wheelbarrow, a shovel and some sand.  Done.

Man eating shrub?!!  Oh no!!
Again, pretty self explanatory.

I'm watching you!
This one is my favorites.  It's just so easy.

Now go out and terrorize the neighborhood!

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