Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanksgiving Decorating

Decorating the house is my favorite part of this season.  There's Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then the big daddy of all holidays....Christmas!  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Halloween is now over so let's start thinking about decking the halls for Thanksgiving!

You don't have to spend a fortune on Thanksgiving decorations.  Anything with pumpkins, fall food inspired decorations and, of course, candles.  Let's start with the candles.

Candles can be your best friend when decorating for any occasion.  There's so much you can do with them and you can use them for every theme...over and over again.

You can wrap them with pretty leaves from your yard.....

You can tie cinnamon sticks around them with twine.....

You can leave them plain and simply decorate their holder.  How about layering corn in a glass candle holder?
 ...or various dried beans?

Pumpkins, squash and other like vegetables are another great way to decorate.  They aren't costly and hold up really well for about a month at a time without turning to mush.  You can paint them if you don't like them naturally, you can garnish them with glitter or glue buttons on them....the options are endless.  I will warn you...if you are going to garnish them...do not puncture them or the insides will begin to rot and you will have a horrible mess on your hands.  Always glue your garnishes on.
You can even make candleholders out of them!  This idea will require you to scoop out a bit from the middle in order to get your candle in there.  This will hold up for a week or so before it begins to rot so I would save this idea for a dinner decoration or maybe if you're planning a party. 
Or you can leave them as nature made them and surround them with other fall items for a homey centerpiece.
How about a fun treat for the kids?  Look how cute these Oreo turkey's look!  I saw this idea at www.ourbestbites.com  They look yummy!
If you're looking for a decorating project that the kids will enjoy, try turning pine cones and feathers into turkeys.  Easy, not at all messy and super cute!

All it takes to decorate your house for the holidays is a little imagination, a little scavenging for the items and a few minutes of your time.  Simple, inexpensive and gorgeous!

As always, enjoy your space!

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