Monday, August 22, 2016

Interesting Things to do with Used Books

Books are treasures to me and the thought of destroying one by making a safe or a side table or a shelf is nearly more than I can bear.  However, not all books are really worthy of saving.  I've read some pretty awful books in my life.  So these are the ones I choose to sacrifice.  Many thrift stores or even dollar stores offer hardback books at anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 each.

How about a book safe?  Easy to make!  Select your book, glue the pages together in two sections (one for the "lid" and one section to hold your valuables).  Then using an exacto knife cut the pages to a depth suitable.  Finally glue felt into the hole.  Done!

Now let's look at making a lamp base out of books!  Again, super easy to make.  Align your books to get the perfect angle, drill holes in the middle, glue the books together and thread your rod.  Done!

Another idea for books is making a book table out of them.  Same instructions as above.  Drill the holes, glues the books together but this time instead of inserting a rod, try using something a bit more stable like a couple of thick (and long) dowels or even a wooden pole or broom handle that you have cut to size.  Then you can either lay a piece of glass on top or put a thick coat of poly on the top book to keep any spills from ruining your work.  

Lastly how about making a shelf out of books?  Buy metal  shelf brackets.  Drill a hole where the screws go, screw the book securely to the bracket and install on the wall.  Done!  It really is as easy as that.

Now head to the thrift store and snap up some hardback books with interesting covers and get to work!

As always, enjoy your space!

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