Monday, August 1, 2016

Head Planter Anyone?

I love to roam the hometalk website.  They have such cute and inexpensive ideas that I love to try!  Below is one of those cute ideas!

While browsing thrift stores do you ever see one of those styrofoam heads that folks use for their wigs?  Snap one up the next time you see it and make a whimsical unique planter out of it!  It's super easy.

First simply cut the top off the head and dig out the insides to the depth of your choice.  Make certain not to cut too closely to the bottom or the sides because you want it to be sturdy enough to hold your soil and plant without collapsing.

Once you have the head emptied, grab your spray paint, exterior paint or even some waterproof makeup  and go to town decorating your new planter.  Glasses and jewelry make it extra cute!

Once it's completely dry, it's time to fill it up.  Be careful when choosing the plants for this planter that you get plants that like shallow areas.  Vines, ferns and succulents work really well for this project.

Once it's decorated and planted, you can place the head on a garden spike, glue it to a board to help prevent it from toppling over (it will be top heavy) or just place it on the ground among your perennials.

I think they're super cute!

Enjoy your space!

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