Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Who doesn't need more storage?

Most people don't have a full basement or attic that is easily accessible, full height, dry & not at all creepy to go into. Those of us with crawl spaces both above and below our houses have to be creative when it comes to storage.....very creative.  

Bedroom storage is a must.  Almost every bedroom has a closet...that's a given.  But most of these closets aren't large enough to house everything we need - or want - to house in our bedrooms.  The picture below shows an attractive, easy and relatively inexpensive way to add that much needed storage in the bedroom...or any room for that matter.

The shelving shown are kitchen cabinets.  You don't have to go high end with them.  Second hand store, thrift store, close out specials...even off the curb will work.  They don't even have to match when you get them.  As long as they are close to the same height, you can sand them down, paint them & no one will ever know the difference.  If they aren't exactly the same height, then add some molding to them to trick the eye into believing they're the same height.  The tall one is an easy project.  The bottom unit is a drawer unit for the kitchen & the other two are simply screwed together.  One on top of the other.  Make sure to securely attach these to your walls.  No one wants to wake up to find their shelving has toppled on top of them in their sleep.

The next picture shows us how to get the jewelry that you wear most often off the tops of your dressers.  Head down to the thrift store, buy a couple of frames, spray paint them, take the picture out & replace it with fun fabric.  Then simply screw in some hooks & you have a great place to hang your necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even your keys!

Hooks are my favorite things for storage.  Whenever you can, make your storage go up rather than out.  By utilizing wall space, it frees up precious floor space.  You don't have to use hooks to hang things like purses, scarves, hats....whatever....you can use antique doorknobs or plant hangers.  Basically anything that sticks out can be used.  Get creative!

Peg boards can be used in any room for added storage.  You can get them in a multitude of materials.  Metal, fiberboard, wood.  You can spray paint them to match your decor. The great thing about them is you can also add shelves to them or hang baskets from them, if you get a peg board that is thick enough to sustain the added weight.  Below are a few ideas.

Whenever you have a small space, the best place to store your stuff....sometimes...is on the walls!  

Enjoy your space!

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