Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's time for some Fall and Halloween Decorating!

I love the fall and I love Halloween.  The crisp and beautifully colored leaves that cover my lawn, the cooler temperatures, the warm soups, the scary movies...and mostly...the flannel jammies that you get to drag out.  I mean is there anything more comfy than wearing flannel?

While browsing the web, I ran across a site ( that had some great and easy ideas for fall and Halloween decorating.  I thought I share some of them with you.

Hate to dig the innards out of pumpkins but love using them for decorating?  This might be perfect for you!

What about personalizing the candy bars that you give out to the kiddies?

Party favors?

Spooky candles anyone?
I love the idea of turning suckers into spiders!  How awesome!

If you're even a little bit good at decorating cookies....this idea is super cute!
You can buy these plastic tubes at any craft supply store.  Fill them with a variety of candy and then label accordingly.  Great idea to give out as treats or party favors.

How about turning old milk jugs into lighting for your walkway, porch or patio?  Fill the jugs with assorted lights, paint the face on the outside and you're all done!  Too cute!

These are just a few of the great ideas on this site.  If you want more detailed instructions or more ideas, go to her site and check it out!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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