Friday, January 10, 2014

Living Room done!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to update and prettify (new word) my house to ready it for sale!  The worst room in my house is the bathroom.  I avoid that room like the plague.  So I'm sure it will be the last room in the house to be done simply because it overwhelms me whenever I begin planning the redo.  EVERYTHING in there has to be gutted and changed.....and that's not cheap.

So, I started with my living room.  Below are a couple of pictures taken at Christmas this year.  They show the beige walls, the beige trim and the stark white and incredibly boring fireplace.  There are two kinds of fireplaces that I hate.  (1) the kind without a mantel and (2) white.  Problem solved!

Ready for the transformation?  Here we go!
I love it!  The fireplace was painted using Behr Ultra Premium Mellow Yellow.  The walls were done in Behr Ultra Premium Gentle Rain, the trim in Behr Ultra Premium Pot of Cream.  I haven't done the ceiling yet only because the color I originally chose turned out to be more purple than silver so it's back to the drawing board on that one.  However, the beige is history and in its place are lively - without getting in your face - colors that make me smile whenever I walk into the room.  The fireplace color actually softens a lot when the light gets low.  

If you notice the tiles on the hearth, when the fireplace was white those tiles looked dirty and (what else?) beige.  Now they looked cleaner and instead of a dirty beige they are picking up some of the yellow reflecting off the fireplace which makes them look so much better.

I really took my time doing this and it took me (working alone and moving all the furniture myself) about a day and a half.  Had I worked harder, took fewer "breaks" and asked for help moving the furniture - I could have done this in less than a day.

As for the paint that I used, I loved it!  I have seen a few bad comments and ratings about this paint online but honestly I was very impressed with it.  Everything you see see painted took one coat and it covered great.  There were a few spots that I had to go over but that was only because I missed them - it had nothing to do with the paint.  Also my walls are semi-textured and usually that is a big challenge for paint in the coverage department.  I highly recommend this brand.  I loved the cost as well.  I bought all my painting supplies, 3 gallons of paint and a quart (Mellow Yellow) and the price (including tax) was well under $200. Plus, I have a ton of paint left over.  I actually grossly over bought because I wasn't certain of the coverage of this paint.  I only used a half gallon of each paint and not even half of the fireplace look out dining room - you're getting the leftover paint!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Beige, taupe and cream have NO place in an old house.  None at all. They belong in new builds and only in rooms that have a ton of natural light - if they belong anywhere at all. Otherwise what you get is a paint color that mimics a dirty white.  This tricks the brain into thinking that the walls aren't really beige - they are actually white but are really dirty.  Beige walls also reflect onto whatever else is in the room so the colors of any furniture you place near the walls or the artwork will dull which adds to the whole "dirty dingy" feel of the room.  

I'm happy with the results and will post the dining transformation as soon as I finish transforming it.  (anything to avoid working on the bathroom) 

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