Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tired of your doors?

My house has the original front door from 1957.  It is a solid wood door, in very good shape and very sturdy.  However, it is NOT my taste and I feel it severely dates the house.  I have painted it white, red and even tried to make it blend in (and go away) by painting it a very dark charcoal.  Nothing worked.  It still screams 1957!

I had thought about replacing it, but to get a solid wood, heavy entrance door (that I liked) it was going to run me at least $1,000 (including installation).  That option went out the window!

Then I started browsing the internet.  I found wonderful doors that were clad in copper tiles, tin tiles and even some that had been clad in wood.  I'm onto something here!

It's not as difficult as one might think to clad a door.  First you have to decide on the material.  Do you want copper?  Copper weathers well and eventually has a very nice patina if left undisturbed.  Nice.  Tin works in a similar manner and is considerably less expensive.

Your decision should be based on several things.  First, how much money do you want to spend? Second, how artistic are you?  Third, what would work best with the style of your house?

Wood can really transform a door.  However, be wary of using wood that is too heavy because it will add so much weight to the door that it will sag.  Also, if your wood is too thick, it can make the door not fit properly.  Something to think about.

People have been inserting tin and copper tiles into their cabinets for generations.  Why not do it to your front door?  The hard part is choosing the panel that you love the most!  Then all you have to do is measure and mark where you want them to go, apply a thin coat of glue (make certain that the glue is formulated to adhere metal to wood). Then add a few brad nails around the edges of the panel to firmly secure them in place.  The last 2 steps are to place the molding of your choice over the edges of the panels and then stain or paint.  Because the tin/copper panels are so thin, there's no need to cut into your door in order to install them.  The molding will make them appear recessed into your door. The results will astound you and garner you compliments from everyone who sees it!!

These are kitchen cabinets with tin inserts.  Imagine how beautiful this would look on your entrance door?

This is an old pie chest with tin inserts.  I think a front door like this would give the entire house character!

This door is clad in copper panels that have been cut to irregular shapes and completely cover the door.  Stunning effect!

How about cladding your door in a nice wood?  Let's take a peek at how that might look!

This is a simple wood clad project.  The center of the panels appear to be windows or mirrors but they are actually strips of aluminum such as you might use for flashing.  Remember to use a light wood and to adhere the aluminum before you add the wood.

If your door is already solid and in good shape, maybe all you want to do is add molding to it and a new paint color.

Another door that was transformed by the simple use of molding.

Are you artistic? These fabulous doors appear to have metal inserts.  However, the designer simply carved the designs and painted with a metallic finish.  One of a kind.

Hopefully this post has opened your eyes and broadened your sense of what you can do with your front door.  In this economy sometimes it's just not prudent to go out and purchase a brand new door.  None of these doors will break the bank or even cost as much as a new door.  However, each of them will make your house unique, charming and immediately leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

The best part about revamping your door (besides the ton of money you will save)?  Every time you approach it you will smile and feel a sense of pride in your accomplishment.

Now go make your door gorgeous!!

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